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Organization of the website
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Where do you find what you are looking for
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Organization of the Website

You will find an orientation guide for the information offered on the Internet by the City of Linz at

The themes are divided into five main chapters (see: Where do you find what you are looking for) and links are provided at the top of each page.
A submenu opens up for navigation directly under these links as soon as you select an area.

Regardless of which page you surf to, below these theme navigation points you will find general information and various services, such as the press area with daily announcements, pictures of Linz, the Linz calendar and City Publications. The city map, shop, weather, site map, credits and contact possibilities can also be accessed from this position on each page.

You will find the contents of the page in the middle section. The homepage and the introductory pages for the theme areas provide the most recent communal reports in this section. Here the Citizens’ Service area presents current services.

The search function is always the first entry in the narrow column on the right. In the theme areas the search can be limited to that specific area.
In the expanded search there are more possibilities available.
Below the search function you will find relevant further information and links to the content of the pages.

At the bottom of the page you can choose to send this page via email. You can also print out each page optimized for A4 paper.

Language Selection

If you want to access the website in a different language, you will find the respective language abbreviations at the top left edge of the page. DE for information in German, EN for English, IT for Italian, ES for Spanish and CZ for Czech.
Right next to this you can also adjust the page settings to make surfing the site as free from barriers as possible (see: Barrier-free website).

Where do you find what you are looking for

You have three possibilities for finding the information you are looking for at

1. Content search via navigation

The navigation is organized in five theme areas.

  • Culture – Linz, Capital of Culture
    The broad range of cultural life is collected under this item. Events, museums, music and much more is part of the vibrant cultural life that is worthy of the title Capital of Culture.
  • Tourism – Guest are most welcome
    Under tourism you will find possibilities for sightseeing, leisure activities and excursions, hotel bookings and information for event organizers.
  • Linz Life – the Quality of Life in Linz
    Linz Life includes information in the most diverse fields. At the top you will find ways of contacting officials. There is also information here about the political situation, health matters, educational institutions and information about an outstanding urban development project, the solarCity Pichling. The City of Linz has initiated a unique action by setting up numerous hotspots throughout the city, making it possible to surf the Internet free of charge.
  • Commerce – Center of Innovation and Technology
    Locating or expanding a business in Linz is a worthwhile investment. You will find initial decision-making help in this chapter.
  • History – A City with a Past
    The journey through the history of the city ranges from early history into the 21st century. Especially recent history has been intensively researched and developed.

2. Search

In the column on the right side of every page you will find a sophisticated search function for all the information available from Enter the desired key word here and you will be presented with a page of search results that will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

With the expanded search function you can specifically search various theme areas. There is also a link list for the possibilities for searching the various databases of the website. The contents of these databases are only available in German.

3. Additional search possibilities

4. Sitemap

Under the item Sitemap in the navigation menu on the left you will find the organization of the entire website.

Accessible website

There are various settings available to enable you to adjust the website to suit your needs:

  • Font size setting: The default setting for the website is defined as “A”. If the font is too small for you, you can select the larger font size “A+” or the large font size “A++” with a simple click. Naturally you can also adjust the font size with your usual browser settings. 
  • Contrast version: If you use a screen magnifier, the contrast version will be suitable for you. All the contents of the page are presented in a linearized way. You can leave the contrast version again with “Change to standard view”.
  • If you work with a screen reader, you will find the following command short-cuts useful. Since May 2011 they are visible for everyone:
Key Combination  Command
Accesskey 0 Content
Accesskey 1 Main menu
Accesskey 2 Menu of the current area
Accesskey 3 Service menu
Accesskey 4 Search
Accesskey 9 Help

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